Reimagining Justice:
Building Community Capacity to Address Police Violence

Reimagining Justice is a grassroots, community education project based out of the Monterey Peninsula. We believe that communities have become too reliant on the police to resolve social problems. At times this police involvement leads to more harm than healing. Our mission is to empower the local community to find its own solutions to issues of conflict and distress.

We also aim to create a space for communities and individuals to speak honestly and openly about their experiences with police and policing.

To this end, we are working to create community gatherings where people can:

  • explore the history of police and policing
  • collectively identify issues and ways to address them through popular education style workshops
  • foster an imagination that allows us to think beyond our present situation to envision deeply and creatively the future we want

Reimagining Justice seeks to move away from the pervasive ideas of individual leaders and concentrated leadership. We are intentional in our commitment to cultivating collective leadership.

This is a project of the Monterey Community Education Project and the Direct Action Monterey Network.