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Friday 29 September 2017, 7pm: Old Capitol Books and the Direct Action Monterey Network are coming together for the thirtieth discussion in the Theory and Philosophy Reading Group. This is a mini-series within the broader project which explores anarchist theories of the state.

Where: Old Capitol Books, 559 Tyler Street
When: Friday 29 September 2017, 7pm
Reading: “Rousseau’s Theory of the State” (available free here)

baku00Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin was one of the intellectual founding fathers of anarchism, often considered to be Marx’s major historical rival.

Bakunin was born in 1814 (the date is, however, disputed), in Premukhino, near the town of Torzhok in the Tver Gubernia (province). He was the eldest son in the family of a retired diplomat and landowner. Mikhail’s parents were hereditary noblemen of liberal political inclinations. His father was in Paris during the French Revolution, received his doctorate of philosophy in Padua and regarded himself as a disciple of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Bakunin’s mother was a member of the Muravyov family and three of her cousins were involved in the December rising of constitutionalists in 1825. [1]

Location: Old Capitol Books, 559 Tyler Street, downtown Monterey

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2015 Theme: Imprisoned Philosophers

Each month DAMN set up a Theory & Philosophy reading group, and  set readings focusing on philosophers who have been incarcerated in solidarity with statewide actions against solitary confinement on the 23rd of each month – symbolic of the 23 hours each day a person is segregated.