DAMN’s monthly schedule:

1st zineSunday: Hangout, food, and drinks at  Caffe Trieste!

2nd Sunday: Meeting at 7pm at Old Capitol Books.

3rd Sunday: Anarchist Black Cross at 7pm at Old Capitol Books.

4th Sunday: Meeting at 7pm at Old Capitol Books.

The Direct Action Monterey Network (DAMN) is a collective of anarchists, feminists, socialists, and other anti-authoritarian revolutionaries in the Monterey Peninsula area. Fellow travelers, sympathizers, and supporters are welcome!

Focus on projects that embody the principles and approaches of direct action, mutual aid, solidarity, and education. Our projects include:

We are committed to creating a world without hierarchy or coercive authority. We fight against all forms of oppression and exploitation.

We desire a free, egalitarian society. We embrace autonomy and horizontalism both in the way we organize ourselves and in the world we are trying to build.

We believe that creating such a world requires a fundamental transformation of society. In a word, revolution.

Contact Direct Action Monterey Network:


Email: centralcoastdirectaction [at] gmail.com

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