Archive: AUG 17 Dejen a la Comunidad Hablar/Let the Community Speak – Demonstracion

Let the Community Speak – Not One More Death – Stop Police Brutality

August 17, 2014

Intersection of Williams Rd. and Bardin Rd.
Near the Cesar Chavez Library
615 Williams Rd.
Salinas, Ca 93905

The City of Salinas won’t allow us to use the Cesar Chavez Public Library for our Community Forum against police brutality. We were told that our flyer and message was too “anti-police,” which really means the City doesn’t want to allow any discussion about police violence that actually calls for repercussions against the cops. Unfortunately “Public” doesn’t actually mean accessible by the entire community, but only for events that are sanctioned by the City of Salinas (who are currently supporting the killer-cops).

On Sunday, August 17th at 2pm we will publicly demand the right to use the the Public Library for a community forum against police violence.

Contact the City Manager Rey Corpus at 758-7201 to let him know that the City shouldn’t be preventing us from using this space. He has not returned our call, but if enough people respond we can win access to facilities that should be accessible anyway.

After the demonstration at 4pm we will meet at the park behind the library to plan the next steps to win access to space and end police violence in our community.